2016 Do it God's Way or not at all.

What a year 2015 was!  God was so so sooooo good to us!!  We had a beautiful baby girl Brooke, started our business as an LLC, and won the largest award in our work environment.  However with all the blessings there were challenges.  I lost my last grandparent Samie Anderson at 107 years old.  His life, legacy, and story is too long to tell.  Just know that he is a legend.  In spite of the challenges God's grace, mercy, and lordship never slipped.  He never stopped being....GOD.  For that alone we are thankful!  

"As unto the Lord" is my slogan for this new year.  I will go forward in what God has designed specifically for me.  God's way is not only the only way, it's the best way!