Alton Sterling

As a black man I.....I am.....I pray.  100 + black men have been killed by police this year alone.  Alton Sterling has now been added to that toll.  I want to ask why, but I know the answer already.  That's the sad part of it all, being black for some reason stirs fear and hate within the hearts of white individuals.  If it weren't so, we would find instances where police officers would treat blacks the same way as whites.  White Privilege? Naw, it's racism.  I am starting to believe that if we as African Americans don't do anything that provokes white supremacy to change it's onslaught, more of our kings will lose their lives.  More children will be without their fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.  Mothers will be without sons and daughters.  Hatred vs. Hatred will not solve this.  However prayer and fasting can combat this.  I just really need God to heal my heart, because this is a tough one to move away from. 

Somehow, someway, we as a people have to fly above this oppression.